4 Steps to Successful Training For House Cleaning Employees

Steve Hanson
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As a business owner with employees, the proper training and documentation can make or break your business. From the employee's point of view there is a lot of information to take in at one time. Having specific documentation such as a written training program is extremely important. Without it, the job will get done, but it may or may not be to your company's standards.

You can train with a very simple process:

The first step in basic training for house cleaning employees is to introduce them to your cleaning systems verbally. As you go through the written training program, explain how each task is done from beginning to end. It is extremely important to let them know ‘why' they are doing each part of the job. If they don't understand the repercussions of not doing it your way, they may choose shortcuts or simply do it their way. Save yourself a lot of time and customer complaints by giving them the ‘why' up front.

Now that you've completed their instruction, give your employees visuals by showing them how each job is done. Either show them how to perform each task by having them watch you, or have them view a training video that demonstrates each task. Again, show them and then let them know why they should perform the task in that sequence and what happens when the sequence is not followed.

Have the employee perform the task as you watch. Give positive reinforcement for doing it right and offer constructive feedback when needed. Encourage the employee to ask questions as you go. The more questions employees ask, the faster they will learn.

Keep in mind that acknowledging an employee goes a long way. As mentioned, let them know what they've done right. You can say, “good job” and they'll know they did something correctly or you can say, “good job – you removed all the stains in the sinks and toilets. T he customer will be very pleased with the job you have done.” With a more detailed acknowledgment your employees will know EXACTLY what they did right and continue doing it.

Set up a timeline with your employee to review their procedures knowledge. Have them bring their manual for notes. You might want to go over the procedures every day for the first week. Then review the work they have done once or twice per week for the next 3 weeks. By staying on top of this, it reinforces the employee's knowledge and you can be sure your cleaning company's standards are being met without hearing a complaint from your customer first.

The best investment you can make is in your employees. By following these four steps and staying consistent when training all employees, you will maintain the integrity in your company and dedication from your employees.



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