How To Create a Full-Color Craigslist Ad For Your Residential Cleaning Business

Jean Hanson
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Many residential cleaning business owners post ads on Craigslist, and many have a lot of success with it. But in order to stand out from the crowd, it helps to have a unique, full-color ad, rather than a plain old text ad.

Member Mike Rathbun of Freedom Cleaningwanted to come up with a full-color ad for Craigslist, but was having a problem with getting it to work. Enlisting the help of fellow members, he was able to solve the problem and post the ad shown below. Here is how he did it.

1. Create your ad in Microsoft Publisher or other publishing program.
2. Save it as a .jpg file.
3. Go to your Flickr account (create one, if you don't have one).
4. Upload the .jpg file.
5. Go to your ad (picture) and click on "Share".
6. You can choose the size you want. Medium or large will usually be best.
7. Click on "Get the HTML".
8. When the code box opens, find the part that has the Flickr web address and replace it with your website's address (When your ad appears on Craigslist it will be "clickable" back to Flickr. This will make it clickable to your website, instead.).
9. Paste the adjusted code into your Craigslist ad.

Ta Da! A Perfect Craigslist ad.

Craigslist ad
P.S. If you're looking for other ways to create a unique ad for Craigslist, check out or do an Internet search for Craigslist flyers.

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