How to start and grow a residential house cleaning business or maid service.How to start and grow a residential house cleaning business or maid service.
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House Cleaning Profit Tips archives are listed below:

Episode 88: Are You Ready For That Large Cleaning Account?
Jean Hanson
Episode 88: Are You Ready For That Large Cleaning Account? Many cleaning business owners call us for advice because they have an opportunity to take on a large cleaning account -- one that is much larger than they're used to. In this video, Jean Hanson and Sharon Cowan discuss the pitfalls of taking on that first large cleaning account and what to be prepared for. Our guest for today's episode is Sharon Cowan, CBSE. . . . keep reading
Cleaning Business Customer Service: Delivering the WOW Factor
Jean Hanson
Cleaning Business Customer Service: Delivering the WOW Factor When it comes to providing customer service in your cleaning business, you want to stand above your competition by giving your clients the WOW factor. There is no excuse for poor customer service, and when you go above and beyond their expectations, you are able to cement your relationship with that customer. Here are the 5 factors that need to be present if you want to WOW your customers. . . . keep reading
Episode 87: Cleaning Business Owners: Protect Yourself from Time Stealers
Jean Hanson
Episode 87: Cleaning Business Owners: Protect Yourself from Time Stealers At seminars inevitably, we see several business owners texting and talking to clients, putting out fires that are going on at their business, and walking out of seminars to take a phone call. If you don't train people how to function in your absence, you allow them to distract you from what you need to accomplish during convention week. In this video, learn how to protect yourself from "time stealers". Our guest for today's episode is Sharon Cowan, CBSE . . . keep reading
The Great Debate: Cleaning vs Hygiene
Jean Hanson
The Great Debate: Cleaning vs Hygiene Did you know that 80% of all common infections are spread through the environment? This means that cold and flu viruses are found in the air, water, food and fomites. What are fomites? They are inanimate objects like desktops, doorknobs, keys, remote controls, and toilet seats, which are involved in disease transmission. . . . keep reading
How to Choose The Right Dusting Tools For Your Cleaning Company
Steve Hanson
How to Choose The Right Dusting Tools For Your Cleaning Company Dusting is a time-consuming task required in any type of facility or residence. So how do you choose the right dusting tool for your cleaning company? Not all dusting equipment is created equal. As with any purchase you make, you get what you pay for. Skimping on your dusting supplies may save you money on your initial purchase, but in the long run you may spend more in labor costs and by having to replace cheaper products more often. . . . keep reading
Video: Production Rates Tracking for Residential Cleaning Companies
Jean Hanson
Video: Production Rates Tracking for Residential Cleaning Companies This is a spreadsheet called "Product Rates Tracking", which can be used by residential cleaning companies to track production rates by home. Simply enter the client name, square footage and the time it takes to clean, and the spreadsheet will calculate your production rate (how many square feet can be cleaned in an hour). There is also a tab for tracking tasks for employees. Simply time up to 3 employees on each task to get the average time it takes for that particular task. . . . keep reading
Episode 86: The Networking Vortex -- The Secret to Successful Networking
Jean Hanson
Episode 86: The Networking Vortex -- The Secret to Successful Networking Networking can be stressful for even the most savvy networkers. We'd like to let you in on a few easy tactics you can use to make networking more fun; including how to use the Networking Vortex at your next networking event. Our guest for this episode is Teresa Thomas, Director of WIN (Women in Networking), in Minneapolis, MN. . . . keep reading
7 Tips for Retaining Home Cleaning Technicians
Jean Hanson
Due to the nature of the house cleaning business, retaining cleaning technicians is tough. Your good employees may be lured away by competitors or leave to take a job in another field that pays more. So how do you keep your good cleaning technicians? This article shares 7 tips on retaining good employees working for your home cleaning company. . . . keep reading
Episode 85: How to Deal With Difficult Situations in Your Cleaning Business
Jean Hanson
Episode 85:  How to Deal With Difficult Situations in Your Cleaning Business As a cleaning business owner you have to deal with difficult situations on a regular basis. Whether it's figuring out how to make an angry customer happy without giving away the farm, or mediating between employees that just can't seem to get along. In this video, "Message Maven" Melissa De Lay helps make the process easier by giving you verbiage you can use and simple strategy changes that can help turn a bad situation into a positive result for all. . . . keep reading
Episode 84: Take "WE" Out Of Your Vocabulary If You Want To Close More Sales In Your Cleaning Company
Jean Hanson
Episode 84: Take "WE" Out Of Your Vocabulary If You Want To Close More Sales In Your Cleaning Company Did you know that "WE" is for selling and "YOU" is for buying? Think about the last time you talked to a cleaning prospect. Did some of your sentences start with; "We do this..." and "We do that..."? When you're talking with prospects, how many times do you think you use the word "WE"? I'm willing to bet more times than you think. In this video I'll share an example for getting rid of "WE" and "I" in your vocabulary and close more sales in your cleaning company. . . . keep reading
Production Rates Tracking Spreadsheet
Production Rates Tracking Spreadsheet This spreadsheet allows you to track and calculate each home's production rate. It also has tabs for tracking task times for up to 3 employees. This will give you a better idea of how long each task takes for your company. . . . keep reading
Cleaning Technician Injuries: Causes and Symptoms
Jean Hanson
Cleaning Technician Injuries: Causes and Symptoms Cleaning technician injuries are a common occurrence in our industry. It's important that we understand the causes and symptoms of injuries so we can make sure that as business owners, we're providing a safe and healthy work environment. . . . keep reading
Episode 83: Disciplining Employees of Cleaning Companies
Jean Hanson
Episode 83: Disciplining Employees of Cleaning Companies Many cleaning company owners and supervisors have never received any formal training on how to discipline employees. In this video, Jean Hanson and Dick Ollek, CBSE, discuss several best practices when it comes to dealing with discipline issues. If you don't follow these recommended practices, you'll likely find your self frustrated and possibly in hot water if you don't pay attention to the legal side of discipline. . . . keep reading
Member Profile: Deborah Crowley
Jean Hanson
Member Profile:  Deborah Crowley Deborah Crowley owns and operates Exclusive Cleaning Services. Although Deborah opened her business in 2013 she it not new to the Ownership of a Cleaning Business. In the past she co-owned one and decided it was time to open her own. Her goals include making her company a household name! . . . keep reading
Episode 82: Price Versus Cost: There IS a Difference When it Comes to Selling Cleaning Services
Jean Hanson
Episode 82: Price Versus Cost: There IS a Difference When it Comes to Selling Cleaning Services These days cleaning prospects tend to focus on the price of your cleaning service over everything else because they want the best deal to stay within their budget, while still getting a quality service. But it's your job to help them realize they should be thinking about COST, not PRICE - there IS a difference. . . . keep reading
Member Profile: Tracey Thoren
Jean Hanson
Member Profile:  Tracey Thoren Tracey Thoren started Mystic Cleaning Services, Inc. in 2011. She started her business with her sister and mother to accommodate a much-needed flexible schedule for their families. Their company offers Residential, Commercial, Real Estate (move in/move out) and after construction cleanings. Plans to grow the company and branch into organizing is soon. . . . keep reading
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    Feria Bilik
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    Rachel Dory
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    "Hi Steve, Thank you so much for your extremely helpful site. You and Jean are great people, people! I like the way the site is arranged, just enough info to not be overwhelming and yet plenty of learning material. I have been a member over a month and have really just scratched the surface."

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    "I am so grateful for this site. I have learned so much and have gained so many valuable forms and documents from you two. God Bless you."

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    "I just want to say that you guys and specially Jean are just too wonderful to have the site available with so much great info. I have recommended this to a couple of friends and greatly endorse you...thank you for your hard work! The audio info on the downloads are AMAZING!"

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